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So- we went to Cleveland, and threw an epic party.

unnamedWe’d like to say a very special thank you to GOPAC Education Fund and American Freedom Builders for allowing us to partner with them for this awesome event. The night would not have been possible without their incredibly generous support. A big thanks to PhRMA and Lola Bistro as well, for really making the night special.

With the Facebook offices and MSNBC as our neighbors for the night, the party was packed with an absolutely A-list crowd including some of the country’s top professionals in media and politics. We threw the party in honor of the first presidential debates of the 2016 election going on tonight. However, we weren’t expecting any presidential candidates to actually make an appearance.

That is until Rick Santorum walked through the door.

Also Famously Spotted:

David Avella (GOPAC Chairman), John McClelland (American Freedom Builders), Peter Hamby (Snapchat), Rob Saliterman (Snapchat), Kristen Soltis Anderson (author of The Selfie Vote), Kirsten Powers (USA Today), David Drucker (Washington Examiner), Todd Harris (Rubio for President), Jason Roe (Revolvis Consulting), Anna Epstein (Carly for President), Christian Ferry (Lindsey Graham), Caitlin Huey Burns (Real Clear Politics), Alexis Levinson (National Review), Jon Ward (The Huffington Post), Jenna Gibson (CBS), Megan Brown (Fox News), Julie Talarico (Fox News), Alice Stewart (Huckabee for President), Natalie Cucchiara (NBC News), Sean Spicer (RNC), Saul Anuzis (RNC) Chris Wilson (Cruz for President), Tory Maguire (Huffington Post), Molly O’Driscoll (RNC), Danny O’Driscoll (Scott Walker Inc.), Chris Byrne (Capitol Media Partners), Jeff Miller (Congressman), Michael Beach (Targeted Victory), Zac Moffatt (Targeted Victory), Vincent Harris (CEO of Harris Media and Chief Digital Strategist for Senator Rand Paul, Abe Adams (Targeted Victory), Scott Conroy (The Huffington Post), Kevin Sheridan (Sheridan Media Group), Michael Steel (Press Secretary, Boehner), Gerrit Lansing (RNC), Kurt Luidhart (Prosper Group Corp), Ryan Meerstein (Targeted Victory), Amos Snead (Bryant Row), Josh Shultz (NJI Media), Marie Formica (FamousDC).

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So you missed this party? In the words of Drake, if you’re reading this it’s too late. Make sure you get clued in on our next one! Sign up here to be on the list.