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capital_games_300Give it up for Andy Katz and Rick Klein for going boss mode today, launching their Sweet 16 Republican Presidential Campaign bracket for 2016. The presidential bracketology has been released and is calling for an interesting and exciting upcoming first round of the 2016 Capital Games. Is this the political NCAA? According to Katz and Klein, it most certainly is.

200-1With 17 presidential runners on the GOP side, only 10 will make it to the big leagues. All participants will be heard this coming Thursday at the kick start of the debates, but who will come out on top?  “There will be a kids table and an adults table like Thanksgiving.”

walker_2Greg Shaheen, an NCAA wringer and specialist identifies these four candidates to be the top four in the GOP running. Trump claiming the East, Scott Walker in the Midwest, Ted Cruz representing the South West in competition with Jeb Bush in the hot seat of the South East, leaving the West without a strong candidate.

“The challenge you have is among any of the four number ones so you have that local challenge. What exactly have any of them done? Trump, on a national setting and any variety of corporate settings, has demonstrated a prowess and ability to come back even from adversity. But you also wind up in a situation where you look at Scott Walker. While he’s had issues in his state, what will he be able to do on a national format? The number ones are going to have to prove themselves.”

Greg Shaheen. 


Will these candidates be the final four? Stay tuned in to the Capital Games and choose your bracket wisely.

May the best team win.