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#1: Your mom tells all her friends that you work at the White House directly for the President of the United States.

#2: Receptions. Free finger food and cheap wine after work. “Of course I want to hear about sustainable farming using the power of the sun association.”

#3: The occasional Matt Lira sighting when you’re walking in the tunnel to the Capitol.

Seal_of_the_United_States_Congress.svg#4: Basically, interns think you’re a God.

#5: Capitol Lounge 25¢ wing night.

#6: “Why, yes, my LinkedIn profile does say United States Congress.”

#7: Buffalo chicken wrap in the Longworth cafeteria purchased from the STAFF ONLY line.

#8: “Have I showed you my business card? Yeah, that is the United States Capitol on there.”

#9: They hand me free copies of the Circulator and the Washington Examiner on the Metro. – wait, is that everyone?

#10: Because by landing a job as a Staff Assistant on Capitol Hill, you’re already on track to take over Washington, D.C.