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Well, at least a lot of them do. The numbers are in and they’re speaking loud and clear: support for marijuana legalization is rapidly outweighing the opposition. How are we so sure? It’s all thanks to New Frontier Financials Group. New Frontier has become a leading Big Data authority for the Cannabis Industry by collecting reliable data, applying rigorous analysis, and producing actionable intelligence reports. Basically, they know everything there is to know about weed.

The company does not take a stance on cannabis one way or the other, but aims to bring transparency to the industry.  By aggregating socio economic numbers, crime stats, real estate information, census data, demographics, strain information, pricing (wholesale & retail), and patient information, the company turns the data into reports and case studies for target clients, investors, operators, and legislators.

These reports are being circulated on the Hill so that staffers and members can actually use hard numbers to back up their legislation.


Take a look at this video.