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It’s that time of year again, when Americans all across the nation celebrate the pride, freedom, and honor they feel from the right to be…


An Independent.

Independents day is a reminder that today and everyday Independents celebrate the right to be indecisive, the solace of knowing you can always rely on hindsight bias, and the advantage of always having the “other” party as a scapegoat. We honor you, Independent Americans, with your Switzerland-esque approach to all things controversial and your devil’s advocacy in every debate. Truly, without out you, far too many decisions would be made in a timely manner and countless politicians would be held accountable for their non-sensical variance.* So today and everyday, when you pledge allegiance to the American Flag, stand tall. Stand proud. Stand for Independents.

*But seriously, in true #Independent fashion, we totally get it and support the essential role filled by the Independent party.