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BYT put together a great list of cool things to do in the spring, something I definitely needed. During nice days this weekend, I struggled to bring up ideas for things to do outside. Ended up taking a walk, but will be better armed for next time with things like:

Weird-Ass Sculpture Scavenger Hunt
Believe it or not, D.C.’s got an insanely bizarre artistic side. Sure, you’ve seen the National Gallery, the Hirshhorn and The Phillips Collection, but what about the multiple oversized chair sculptures (one in front of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Georgetown, the other off of Martin Luther King Drive SE. in Old Anacostia)? Did you by any chance happen upon the Run-Over Fireman Monument in Glenwood Cemetery? What about the  Obscure Monument to Lobsterdom? Go on the prowl for some of the weirdest spots in the District and impress your date with arcane knowledge about your city. (Why no, the team behind the Women’s Titanic Memorial wasn’t full of psychics; Titanic just lifted the pose straight from this bizarre piece of stonework.) It’ll make you irresistible, WE SWEAR.

Read the rest here.