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The folks over at Cloture Club hacked into Hillary’s inbox:



We got access to some emails that weren’t in the initial leak. Check them out below.


From: Chelsea Subj: Mom seriously can you babysit tonight – Mom.

To: Ben Smith Subj: Feeling fierce/cat meme

To: Bill Subj: Can you babysit for Chelsea

To: State Department Subj: Release the kraken

From: Chelsea Subj: Re: Cancelled Fox Interview – You still can’t babysit tonight?

To: Anheuser Busch Subj: Homebrew fundraiser

From: Netanyahu Subj: GoT reference – yes or no?

From: NSA Subj: [Redacted] – [Redacted]

From: Sunglass Hut Subj: Your order has been processed – Hillary, thank you for your order.

From: Jon Stewart Subj: Email-ghazi – LOL

From: Nelson Shanks Subj: Re: Plant shadow – What do you mean “photoshop it”?

From: Michelle Obama Subj: #LetsMove – He ALWAYS golfs and I have so much free time. #LetsMove

To: Eric Hoteham Subj: Re: Server Takedown

From: Lanny Davis Subj: Don’t worry – I’ve got this. I’m killing it on Twitter.

To: [email protected] Subj: to dos – groceries, call chelsea, delete incriminating emails

From: Phillippe Reines Subj: The team has been activated. – We’ll defeat them.

From: Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Subj: RE: Foundation – Yes, we are on board. Where do we send the check?

From: FamousDC Subj: Thank you for the tip – But we can’t run that without some sort of source.

From: Martin O’Malley: Subj: Re: 2016 – Luck of the Irish

From: Elizabeth Warren: Subject: Re: emailgate – You can still be my VP, don’t stress


Check out the initial emails over at Cloture Club.

We’re just kidding, these are not real emails. Seriously.