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Meet Kate Glassman Bennett. She’s a fourth-generation Washingtonian and highly accomplished about town (and out of town). To name just a few achievements, she was Washingtonian’s fashion editor, Washingtonian Mom’s editor-in-chief, the EIC of Capitol File Magazine, is an all-around style maven, and earned her stripes in the media world in Vegas. Now, she’s starting her own gossip column at Politico, the cleverly titled KGB File.

1. It’s not every day D.C. gets a new gossip column – what are your aspirations for it?

I’m really excited to write about the sometimes bizarre, oftentimes funny, constantly fascinating world of behind-the-scenes Washington. And I hope that comes in all sorts of forms, from society and culture to power plays, media, characters and politics. Everything is on the table – that alone is incredibly inspiring. Let’s face it: it’s DC, I have a lot to work with.

2. Will you be integrating your ample style know-how to critique Washington’s best (or worst) dressed?

I hope so. I think there’s room to talk about a city’s fashion or style as it relates to the anthropology of a place – and I intend to touch on something regarding outfits at least once a week. Will I do a bunch of “Who are you wearing??” red-carpet stuff? No. But will I highlight the fact that we are a city that is, how can I put this, still trying to find its sartorial way? Probably.

In general, my goal is to talk about the stuff that happens behind the curtain. It’s not just the social scene, it’s also the politics, the officials, the players – how they interact, how they live, where they go and who they talk about. But there will also be a good deal of “fun” – photos, social media snaps, party anatomy, odd pairings, pull quotes, etc. The main thing is that I’m reporting, I’m finding new, legit, interesting items that reflect the fabric of Washington. I don’t intend to talk about who was at a party that was held in order to invite people to talk about who was at a party.

3. What’s your advice for someone who is gossiped about? How can they take advantage – or get over it?

Well, I’m not going to go about this with malice – or with the goal of “taking someone down.” So, go ahead and take that deep breath. In general, if you’re in a gossip column, I think you need to have some humor about it, and know that it will pass with the next news cycle. And I fully believe Washington is a city that requires a gut check from time to time.

4. Where do you get your inspiration from – for this project, or otherwise?

Inspiration comes from my surroundings, wherever they may be. If I’m at an event or a party, or even just having dinner out, I’m usually (subtly) looking around at who’s sitting where, who’s being chatty, what the table-settings reflect, why is one person there and another not, that sort of thing. Come to think of it, it’s actually pretty annoying to go out with me.

I’m also inspired by other journalists, media in general. I spend a large part of my day reading all sorts of interesting stories, from politics and policy to society, tech and, of course, fashion and trends. I’m always jotting down ideas – I have notebooks for my notebooks.

5. What’s your favorite recent tidbit heard around town?

Sorry, kids, I’m saving the good stuff for the launch.

6. The President calls and he’s got something to share that he doesn’t want overheard on the phone or at the White House – where do you meet?

Claire Underwood had some success trading intel in the ladies’ room in Season Three of HOC. I mean, ew, but it might work?