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#NATIONAL This guy is on his videobomb game; Twitter feed from 12-1PM yesterday = “OBAMA USED A SELFIE STICK OMG“; The government knows how to use Twitter; RIP David Carr and Bob Simon; Google and Mattel are ready to suck all fun out of the View Master; awwwwwwwww; the war of leggings vs. jeans; the U.S. is going to have a huge drought; “Ignore the haters;” Try not having fun listening to these playlists (spoiler: you can’t, it’s impossible);

#DISTRICT Will we see you Wednesday night at the National Press Foundation Awards Dinner?;  Discovered memo reveals advice for D.C.: “…have fun, because before long, you’ll be back where you started, among the tourists looking through the gates at that magical, historical house where Lincoln still walks at night and our highest hopes and dreams reside.”;  Ruth Bader Ginsburg = TURNT; The 9 Confessions of a Hill Staffer ala Vox; DC Golden Triangle haiku poet revealed; Who else is going to REAGANPALOOZA??; Who’s helped you along the way? #ThankfulThursday; Alone atop the Hill; News you already knew: it’s freezing; here’s something you don’t want to happen on your commute: concrete falling on your car; There’s a play going on in D.C. that features two cats;

#FAMOUSFORDC Watch out for Max Major; Talk to Tommy about Tommy Around Town and #McFlyReports; Meredith Shiner’s dad is faster than the AP with breaking news;  Hey Jerry O’Donnell;  High fives for Patrick Dowd; Doug Farrar and Justin Vogt are having fun in LA while the rest of us are freezing; Doug Heye has officially reached P-Diddy status. Who else straight up kicks it on the reg with Mayor of London Boris Johnson; We’re all jealous of @Neda_Semnani’s beautiful Paris adventures; Say what’s up to Lauren Pratapas Dayspring when you see her; Noah Chesnut is up to big things at BuzzFeed; No big deal, Craig Dulniak and Julia Judson-Rea got written up by their favorite brewery; Charles Chamberlayne graced the floor of the NYSE; We wonder if Joanna Piacenza still checks this email; Kathie Alvarez gets a sweet send-off; Patrick Hefflinger endorses the Neverland theory; Jill Andrews: if you can build a bra, you can build a bridge; Elizabeth Heng is rocking it;

#CONGRATS to Michael Marinaccio on moving from T&I over to Creative Director at the NRSC and you should go to his “Years of Making Transportation Sexy” happy hour; BOOM – a million high fives for Ellie Wallace, joining the Republican State Leadership Committee team as Comms Director; Stop by and say hello to Ashley Berrang in Sen. Capito’s office next week; Michael Moroney took his talents to Story Partners. Also, Michael and Francesca Chambers are married (#NewsYouCanUse);

#MEDIAMOVES thanks to @StoryPartners: Over at The Hill, Elise Viebeck joins the cybersecurity team, Peter Sullivan joins the health team, Ben Kamisar moves to the Briefing Room and Elliot Smilowitz is the new web editor. Congratulate Roll Call’s Kyle Trygstad on his promotion to features editor. Betsy Fischer Martin gets a gig at AU as an executive in residence. CNN Digital Politics continues to staff up with the addition of Hilary Krieger and Daniella Diaz. The latest at POLITICO: Kate Bennett moves over from The Washingtonian to launch the KGB File—a new gossip column, Charlie Mahtesian joins as senior politics editor, Mike Zapler moves to congressional editor and Nahal Toosi moves to the foreign policy and national security beat. Dashiell Bennet moves to Bloomberg to join the markets team.

#HAPPY Ed Patru and Bobby Honold are celebrating birthdays this weekend; The best mom in the world, Ann Snead, celebrated a birthday this week; HBD Week to Charlotte Sellmyer; Hope Stephen Replogle, Lacey Halpern, Alex Conant, Susan Crabtree and Mindy Finn had a good birthday this week; Happy birthday week to Elizabeth Lauten, your friends want you to know they love you and you’re destined for greatness;

#BYE We’re definitely going out this weekend OR maybe we’ll just stay inside making a series of very strong drinks. On a level of zero to Ruth Bader Ginsburg? How will you kick it this weekend?