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We know it’s early in 2015 but we think Helena Andrews is in the running for scooping the scoop of the year.

Continuing his seemingly random tour of D.C institutions, Sheen was spotted at Charlie Palmer Steak on Monday afternoon. …

About halfway through their meal, the resto’s staff was asked to remove the silverware from the younger Mr. Sheen’s place setting because, wait for it, he kept “banging it on things.” We asked our source just exactly what “banging on things” entailed. Was he just drumming to the sick beats pounding in his head or was it more like a two-year-old’s temper tantrum? Our tipster couldn’t tell.

Sans knife or spoon or fork, Charlie was then forced to eat with. his. bare. hands. Seriously. And seeing as how Sheen had ordered a salad with grilled chicken, as opposed to a finger-friendly hamburger, people noticed.  According to the tipster, Sheen had three Glenlivet 25s.

Party on, Sheen.