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Sandy K. Johnson is the new president of the National Press Foundation in Washington. She lives in Alexandria, where she loves the history vibe. In her off time, she can be found gardening or hiking the Shenandoah Valley and Civil War battlefields. FamousDC caught up with her to ask about the foundation’s mission and presence.

1. What does the National Press Foundation do?

NPF provides all-expenses-paid training and education for journalists to keep them abreast of the latest information and research on critical issues. For example, we recently did a webinar on financial literacy for young people and we have a program coming up in Shanghai on entrepreneurship in China.

2. Does NPF have any programming focused on newcomers to the media scene, like bloggers?

We will help journalists of all stripes — bloggers, videographers, freelancers, beat reporters — learn new technologies and learn the latest research to apply to their work. We’re a kind of MOOC for the news business.

3. Does NPF host any cool networking events?

NPF sponsors an annual dinner that draws upwards of 1,000 Washingtonians to celebrate the work of award-winning journalists with good food and drink. Yes, you can buy a ticket. More info here.

4. How did you get interested in journalism?

Watergate and the fall of the Nixon administration pulled me into political journalism and brought me to Washington, the epicenter of power and influence. It’s been a privilege to witness history – impeachment trials, the 2000 presidential recount, 9/11 and several wars.

5. What has changed about the DC food scene?

Washington has always had amazing ethnic food thanks to political refugees who move here and share their cuisine with us. The advent of celebrity chefs takes the DC foodie scene to new heights. Think Jose Andres and Spike Mendelsohn.