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#NATIONAL Never forget; don’t take your vitamins; A public apology that was actually terrible; male birth control is coming; these fashion models never need to eat; Ricky Gervais already got the new Apple Watch; Ducktales with real ducks; all your favorite movies recreated with stock footage; Schwarzenegger painted over Maria; absinthe-flavored writing; we’re all a little disappointed the President isn’t Beyoncè; literally Hitler; this kid is taking the joke too far; people are really interested in neverending pasta; Yelp reviews are not so reliable anymore; Pete Rose is bitter; Canadian senators are terrified of this woman; Soldiers + jetpacks = the future; the death of adulthood; the Sarah Palin brawl; Olive Garden taken down by an investor’s 300-slide presentation;

#DISTRICT Can all of Congress conduct its business on a remote island?; Rent the Runway – in Georgetown; Metrofail; people in charge of public transit should be required to ride it; the President recently had a hell of a time finding a place to play golf; Arlington = Soulless; the doughnuts just keep coming; do you have a little of the star spangled banner in your attic? Well, Maryland has the lyrics on their uniforms now; H Street is not getting this gym, no siree; WHVC now reopening; bartenders are getting really creative describing drinks; WMATA truck has problems; Anacostia bridge art; Columbia Heights tenants fighting against rent increase; newest DC football name casualty: Esty; Metro still has some bad cars on the rails; new “secret” DC dinner club; “For visual comfort you may want to wear sunglasses during the day”; thanks, Pikachu; we’re getting closer: sign the Sharknado petition; piano bars are a lie; yoga brain; DC is the wild west of traffic ticket enforcement;

#CONGRATS  Today is Rep. Steve Womack (AR-03)’s LD, Chris Huffaker’s last day with the Congressman – he’s leaving for Alston & Bird;

#MEDIAMOVES thanks to @StoryPartners: Familiar faces in new places this week as @BennyJohnson joins National Review, Hugo Gurdon was named editorial director at @dcexaminer and former @WhiteHouse press secretary @JayCarney popped up on @CNN this week where he made his first appearance as commentator.  The HR department at @Politico must be busy with several notable comings and goings … @PoliticoPro brought on seven new hires including @TimothyNoah1 who will launch the Pro Labor and Employment vertical, the 14th for the media company. Meanwhile, @rickberke departs after less a year as executive editor and several other staffers jumped to CNN’s digital team lead by former Politico-staffer Rachel Smolkin.  Sasha Issenberg is the latest addition to @bpolitics, while TIME magazine announced three new hires this week and @StoryPartners welcomed two new faces to its growing staff.

#BYE Enjoy this be-a-utiful weather this weekend.