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We know there are still folks cleaning up from Super Bowl XLVIII. These are their stories.

Your OCD Roommate

Not only did she block plays by constantly picking up during the game, much to the dismay of your friends, but she was up until 3am pressure washing the tile in your bathroom to get the boys germs out. Your hangover was bad, but her insane drive for cleanliness was worse. You awoke to a pristine apartment looking better than when you moved it. But you didn’t thank her too much…behavior this insane should never be rewarded, only mildly accepted. She’s totally nuts still.

The Perpetual Frat-Star

Raged so hard during the game he broke most of his own furniture. Drunkenly ordered more to be delivered at 4am because that’s what trust-funds are for right? Rolled out of bed around 8:00am, chugged the rest of the Keystone Light next to his bed, opens the fridge to find only 3 “girly beers” left, shrugs, down the hatch one goes. Gazes around his town house while standing in his boxers wondering “who the hell is going to clean all this crap up?” Eh, the smell isn’t that bad, it can wait. This guy isn’t cleaning anything until right before Valentine’s Day.

The Best Girlfriend/Boyfriend Ever

Not only did they make your favorite brownie, dip, snack, rack of meat for the game, but they brought you two Tylenol and a Gatorade this morning before they kissed you on the forehead and went to the gym. They came back and quietly started to clean until the light sound of beer cans hitting a garbage bag and the smell of a fresh pot of coffee wakes you up. “Oh I’m sorry, did I wake you. Here, go take a shower and I’ll pour you some coffee. You’ll feel better.” As you shower, they keep cleaning, and you realize you have the best relationship ever (so you should probably stop being such an asshole).

The Social Media Expert

Too many beers and too full of a battery left this personality cleaning up his or her e-mess in the morning. Initially, their updates reflected blurry shots of the game from your big screen and artistic close ups of homemade bacon nacho cheese dip. As the night progressed and the Seahawks continued an obvious advantage, it got uglier. Littered across this internet rockstar’s profile are Facebook text updates that could have been funnier, Tweets with no Reteweets (not even a Favorite), boring Snapchats of fellow partiers yelling at the TV and Instagrams completely lacking interaction. The “Delete” function will be widely used across all platforms today.

The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks fans

The actual fan and even bandwagon fan experienced an evening of disappointment or ultimate joy, depending on their affiliation. But it’s Monday now, they have a slight hangover, smell a little bit like Doritos and are facing reality. This is a little better if they are a Seahawks fan because their co-workers will high five them (unless those coworkers are Broncos fanatics, in which case, AWKWARD). Either way, it’s all over. Watch them scramble for new topics of conversation: they could be tired of talking about plays midway through today, or if hardcore fans, by Wednesday (double if rooting for Colorado).

Staff at the MetLife Stadium

Two things: confetti, and sour-smelling plastic cups. A lot of them. A message Super Bowl party hosts- your friends may be drunk, messy jerks, but at least you don’t have literal millions of neon green and navy paper strips to sweep up.