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The Over-Enthusiast

The person that gets entirely too excited about the upcoming snow day and starts trying to line up plans days in advance of the storm. This person is usually the first to take a crack at a Twitter hashtag.


The Secret Stocker

The person who raids the grocery store shelves, but never admits it. When they’re caught at the store, they claim they were there by coincidence – even though their cart has two crates of water and a pallet of chicken noodle soup.


The Snow Vet

The person who makes fun of everyone else’s overreaction of the snow (generally on Facebook and Twitter) – and only because they claimed to have grown up in places that had average snow storms of 14 inches or more.


The Over Achiever

The workaholic who gets antsy when people aren’t at their desk or tele-working by the rules.


The Doubter

The person who refuses to think the snow will affect their life and always doubts it will actually snow. This person is generally the first to lose electricity.