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This week may have sucked for you but hey at least you’re not Chelsea Manning.

Congrats #DC, you’re not that fat; Reefers delight in the Reefs re-opening; Speaking of reefers, The Blaze to start chilling on the Hill; Speaking of REAL reefers, medical marijuana could be subsidized soon; Silly intern, you’re drunk so go home; WE LOVE FALAFEL; Did you survive the 2011 #Earthquake?; Take your clothes off, new strip joint coming to Chinatown; Ouch, U.S. News Fires Christian Lowe; Support local business and this Chicago bar; Rolling back on Walmart; The White House just got a little bit Sunnier; Click here if you hate DC tourists; Insert something about #DCFest here; Bill Cosby LOVES chili; It’s not accidental Herman Caine was at Occidental; Happy 78th Ron Paul; Congrats CNN’s Jessica Yellin, Brianna Keilar, Jim Acosta and Rene MarshBill McDermott and SAP are changing the way we interact with sports; Mike Allen is losing his mind; Hungry? Shuttle from Union Station to Union Market; Mums the Word on Capitol File’s new editor; Lime, ShopHouse, Fuel opens doors; Did Obama really invite the 1972 Miami Dolphins to the White House 40 years later?;  GDubs has a new boss in town, but does he live in this hell hole?; Did you make the list of ‪@thehill‘s 50th wealthiest lawmakers?; ‪#DMVRW; HIDE-protests outside WAPO; Hardball hits hard times; NPR’s Gary Knell loves animals; Columbia Heights gets egged; Nostolgia lives at It’Sugar in Chinatown; Vote for TopDog; Sweeet, POP TARTS cc: Teds Bulletin; Luke’s Lobster “Maine Market today; Jesse Helfrich is a man of many talents; Health Department closes Georgetown Sweetgreen; Oh and our Non-DC friends suck; CakeLove LOVES Reagan; Does anyone even watch Al Jazeera America?; Back to our weekend plans, it’s the freakin weekend baby I’m about to have me some fun.