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Dave Tate celebrated his 4th year at NJI Media, Seamus Kraft makes a wicked great sailor, Lira continues to toss points on the board at the NRSC, Noah Chestnut is headed to NYC to work with TNR, Adam Sharp’s luggage was misplaced, Katie Prill is one year wiser, Brian Diffell is proud to be on Team Night Owl, Jackie Kucinich and Chris Cillizza are launching In Play next week, did you tell Lia Seremetis happy birthday today?, where will Justin LoFranco celebrate his birthday?, it is time for the annual the “Redskins are going to the Super Bowl hype,”Karen Hanretty is saying goodbye to D.C., Abe Lincoln’s Thirsty Thursday turns him a bit green, send him your regards; Mike Issabella opens his new sandwich shop, get ‘em while they’re hot; #NATITUDE was restored to Navy Yard (if only for a day); DC folk went out of their way to get a whiff of sh*t; Weiner won’t pull out; Happy Birthday George Alexander Louis, but you’ve got nothing on Bob Dole; LeBron James said no more international basketball for him; “This is the point of the party where I become everything I mock.” -Mark Leibovich at his book party for “The Town”; What is Alex Trebek’s 73rdbirthday?; Have an extra $300 million lying around?; Hey, why not try to fix everything in DC?; thinking about taking a vacation to Tunisia? Ask for a refund, can you say RECESS?; Wish Ari Gold – sorry, Jeremy Piven – a happy birthday (Lloyd!!); SmarTrip gets cheaper (barely); Fox News contributor Richard Grenell and Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher duel on Twitter; Apparently a job offer at Politico is equivalent to your everyday aphrodisiac; RIP Helen Thomas; Bush 41 makes everyone saw “awww”; The Hungry Lobbyist explains how lobbying is hard work (said no one ever); Washingtonians are the ninth hardest-working city in the U.S. – so get off BuzzFeed and get back to work; Michelle Obama takes a trip to the waterfront; Jeff Forbes likes Casa Luca’s dinner menu; PandaWatch starts Friday morning; Dunkin Donuts says goodbye to U street and hello to Metro Center; Cubical guy, coming to an office near you; Need advice? Call on blogger and birthday girl Rebecca Gale; Some of your favorite DuPont restaurants forget to tidy up at the end of the day; Send congrats to Perry Stein for the new gig at WCP; Geraldo has himself a “weiner” copycat moment; Where will you dine for August Restaurant Week?; Car2Go is getting a bit bigger, watch out ZipCar; Serena Williams eyes the competition at a Kastles game; Will Jennings gets a new desk at the Glover Park Group; Not sure where you’ll be this weekend, but we’ll be here — and thank you Kelly + Stef for the help,