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Matt Lira is headed to the NRSC to be the Deputy Executive Director, the IRS spoofs Star Trek, Ken Spain turned 28 this week, Spicer fired up the way back machine, Bryce confirms he’s a boss, congrats to Josh and Barb McCoy on the birth of their new baby, Chloe Troia moving and shaking, Ryan Howell sat still for 46 consecutive minutes, ThirstDC rocked as usual, Chris Taylor is getting older, Sara Diaz picked the Oregon upset, Chef Aaron McCloud chatted with us, Sean Miller and Brad Dayspring were separated at birth, buy more bourbon – Catherine Gatewood is returning to the Hill, be sure to tell Clinton Yates, Amy Chin & Patrick Manion happy birthday today, chili cook-off time, tell Paul Lindsay congratulations on his new job, Ryan Grim turns 5-0 tomorrow, is Art Bochner moving back to DC?, does Buzzfeed have White House press credentials?, we’re not sure Chris Frates reads the Friday Round-Up anymore, Joe Gizzi is a boss, today is World Water Day, CQ Roll Call blogs a lot, Lisa Boothe, Neal Patel, Shea Snider, John Cummins, Andrew Powaleny, Justin LoFranco, Michael Tadeo & Tom Wilbur are all electable, celebrity candidates for office, FamousDC is everywhere, Kate Warren is pretty cool, DC secrets, Kelsey Knight is crushing it, happy birthday C-SPAN, Ali Amirhooshmand is doing good things, Ali Dukakis, Jeff Rein & Leah-Michelle Nebia are following us on Twitter and here’s where you can kick it this weekend.