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Celebrities and politics seem to go hand and hand. From the Governator to Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump, stars just can’t seem to keep out of the political limelight. And with rumors flying that actress Ashley Judd will announce her candidacy to usurp Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Senate seat, here is a list of other celebrities we would love to see seek office.

Beyonce because…duh. And Jay-Z to make Washington’s ultimate power couple. Eat your hearts out Billary.

Kerry Washington because her last name is Washington and we all know she knows how the President works. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Steven Tyler because he would bring a whole new meaning to “political party.”

Mick Jagger. The average age of a Congressional lawmaker hovers around 60 years old. Mick’s grizzled mug would fit right in.

Ryan Gosling. Do we need a reason? Yes? Fine. Because someone needs to replace Rep. Paul Ryan as sexiest legislator. We’ll just switch out the Ryans.

Amy Poehler because we want Leslie Knope to fulfill her lifelong dreams. And it is totally believable that Joe Biden would pick her as his 2016 running mate.

Justin Timberlake because, boy, can that guy pull off a suit and tie. We would love to see how he wears a flag pin.

Nicolas Cage. He proved in National Treasure that he loves this great nation. And BEEEEES.

George Clooney. He’s been threatening to run for something for a while. Come on. Just look at him.

Stephen Colbert. He can save space on campaign bumper stickers by choosing Elizabeth Colbert-Busch as his running mate. And he loves America.

Meryl Streep because she has great credentials as former Prime Minister.

Bruce Willis. An honest cop with nothing to lose confronts his next great challenge: Electoral Politics.

Martin Sheen because..wait why are we explaining this? This is DC afterall.