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We paired up with the Tommy Show [94.7 Fresh FM] to come up with a top ten list of things the sequester won’t affect. Listen to the show this morning and tweet us the ones we missed.

Top 10 Things the Sequester Won’t Affect 

  • Michelle Obama’s bangs
  • Wizards’ losing streak
  • Poor grammar usage on Twitter
  • Strange looking outfits at CPAC
  • The wrap line at Longworth cafeteria
  • Sarah Palin’s obsolescence
  • Paul Ryan’s abs
  • Your friend’s ability to post blurry instagram pictures
  • Bruno Mars being locked out of heaven
  • Joe Biden’s smile

Great responses already coming in:

  • Woodward calling out flaks
  • Your mom thinking you can do something about all this
  • Red line single tracking

Tweet us the ones we missed @FamousDC and we’ll continue the list.