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Spike has a new pizza, the Ravens are going to win this weekend, Clinton Yates loves old school R. Kelly, we’re still holding out hope that Erin Burgin will come through for us – just one ticket!, be sure to tell Charles Chamberlayne happy birthday tomorrow, Emmy Greenberger’s celebrating a birthday today, we want your Inauguration stories & pictures – email us at [email protected], we’re bringing back the #FF like Kriss Kross brought back backwards clothes 21 years later, Sean Hackbarth loves BuzzFeed, Erin Veltman is off to find salsa midgets, dead drop is the best name, Allison Cunningham needs to fire up her keyboard again, Rebecca Gale had another successful book event, Shannon Croom is off to Haiti, does Lindsey Mask have time to sleep?, Andrew Fimka rocked it out on the Twitter DC panel, know any developers looking for a great gig?, we miss Andrew Foxwell, we’ve already started drinking, Mari Vanna opened with a bang, the Hungry Lobbyist ran away this weekend, 99 problems but a girl ain’t one, cabs are taking credit cards and pigs are flying, Alex, Rebecca Viser & Christyn Keyes are following us on Twitter and here’s where you can kick it this weekend.