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Casey Phillips and Bob Honold continue to crush it, Polly DeBron is stateside once again, Katie Harbath celebrated another great birthday, Sarah Smart celebrated her birthday, Amos Snead made good on his bet, Ted Prill doesn’t call or write anymore, ask Mike Lurie about Apple Care plus, not spotted last night: Liz Eddy, Catherine Gatewood, Emily Mueller, Ed Mullen & Erin Book, Gerrit Lansing – you out there?, Ben Droz is a rock star, Kristi and Olivia Brewster are in town, NJI drove a crane, Maryam Brown just got added to a lot of Christmas card lists, Johnny Football is amazing, Ask @BlameTelford how to make a s’more and AFP’s Levi Russell how to barbeque a turkey, Lauren Pratapas is rocking some serious new hipster glasses, we hope Rep. Kevin McCarthy starts taking pictures of Longworth cafeteria food all day now that he’s on instagram, Chef Geof likes Sriracha, we’re finally past the election hangover, head over to Boundary Stone, happy movember all you mo’s, we hear good things are happening for Josh Funk, the Jungle Book is all checked out of DC Libraries, last night’s happy hour was awesome and here’s where you can kick it this weekend.