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Someone will not be happy on Thursday, everyone’s Facebook feed got a little angry on Tuesday night, Burson Taylor Syder celebrated her birthday, Sarah Smart’s FB feed has been aggressive, tech was huge in 2012, Campaign & Elections through a baller party, Eric Wilson rocked a smooth post-election mustache, what’s your story?,  Nathan Imperiale claims to read the round up every week, Dani Garcia would rather be in Disney World right now, Rachel Racusen got a hug from pew Obama,  Amos Snead better hope Alabama upsets A&M, thank you Team NJI for the poster, Drunk Sawyer won the networks on Tuesday, everyone was at George on Tuesday, Hollywood rocked twitter, four more years, Tommy McFly and Travis Kalanick butted heads this week, be sure to tell Mark Snead happy birthday tomorrow, Fix eats cold dinners and here’s where you can kick it this weekend.