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Mayor Gray is looking good this week, tell Jessica Mandel congratulations on her new job, let Drew Magary cook!, Celeste Flemming admits she reads the round-up, Chris Taylor will soon be on crutches, Taylor Imperiale lands on Capitol Hill, Cam Newton charges for autographs, Jon and Kim Robilotto are headed to DC this weekend, is Facebook stalking a thing of the past?, Rebecca Mark was caught not smiling, Frates is putting his money on Bryce Harper, @MKHammer is headed to HotAir, the digital dream team, Owen Philips is starting a new gig, sweet treats for the weekend, is there any chance Court Lanio reads this round up?, take a stand against DC cabs, Chris Paulitz is rocking FamousDC, Jason Galanes, Annie Shuppy, Kaleb Rumicho, Maggie Winters and Jessica Baker are following us on Twitter, tell Freddy Barnes he can have Reuben Foster – we’ll take National Championships, Arden Bochner crushed the New York City Triathlon last weekend, and here’s where you can kick it this weekend.