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Looking for a way to beat the heat? Need a relief from the TMItern’s story about his third counsin’s, once removed, nasty breakup? Or just looking for a way to beat your friends to happy hour fun? Then let us help with these recipes guaranteed to solve all those problems and more. Not that we are advocting drinking to solve problems…but this is Washington, DC. It isn’t like we have a culture of alcohol going on or anything. Never, and definitley not in the office either… or during lunches… or afternoon ‘coffee’ breaks. Nope.

The Gin and Tonic, classically known as the Gin and Bear it for days that coworker is in rare form.

The Manhattan, aka I wish I lived in NY when DC just gets to be too much sometimes.

Summer Sangria, aka an acceptable drink for noon as you can claim the alcohol content is lower.

The ‘Big’ Margarita, It comes in a fishbowl. And it is 102 degrees out. That is all.

Iced ‘Coffee,’ because anything that rides in a Starbucks cup is above suspicion.

And our favorite…

The Not So Modest Lobbyist, our personal creation of raspberry vodka (to taste), lemonade (to taste) and a splash of lime seltzer with fruit to garnish. The perfect concoction to ease the blow of filing those second quarter LDA reports (due July 20th)

So, a toast to the approaching (yet not soon enough) 4th of July recess. We’ll see you at the bar!

Ladies Who Lobby