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Now that we’ve entered the throes of intern season, we thought it’d be fun to point out a few archetypical characters that fill our halls of power and proudly sport their badges. Let’s start with the various forms of the TMItern.

This intern can take many forms. One, a derivative of the party intern, feels the need to share, usually loudly, the evenings exploits with his coworkers. This may involve the Tuesday evening trip to McFadden’s, which you deduce he came straight to work from, or that romantic evening he spent at “… this chick’s place, was it Brittney? No–Beatrice?

The second, more innocuous version, simply needs you to know the goings on of his day. In minute by minute news bulletins. While it may be obnoxious to hear: “yes, okay I will look for that press article, then I will find that bill, then I will call the committee, then I will go to lunch where I think I will get a ham sandwhich…maybe with soup” as a running montage, concern need not be given until he starts to report the details of his bathroom break.

Our third type of over-sharer is the filterless. You will know everything about him. His favorite foods (and his least favorites), what his girlfriend does for a living (and likes in bed), his emotional voyage when his hamster died, and the details of his surgery…ahem ‘down there.’

Stay tuned for more FamousDC intern reports from around the district.