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Happy Friday 13th, President Obama spent his Monday night watching LSU stay on one side of the field, Stephen Colbert 2012, we all know the Metro is more fun when not wearing pants, DC taxis are going after Uber like DeSean Jackson goes after bad PR, campaigning 101, tell Andrea Seabrook happy birthday tomorrow, go rock it with Fear of Virginia tonight, who doesn’t want a free pony?, George W. Bush was President of the United States the last time the National Championship trophy lived outside the state of Alabama, Pete Snyder catches his next wave, someone give the Kevin McCarthy press team a high-five, New Hampshire has the fastest voters on the planet, Angie Goff = dancing queen, Angela B. Pan‘s photo is still jaw-dropping, Nike is moving into Georgetown, tell Rebecca Heslin Haller happy birthday on Sunday, Mike Lurie rides the Metro for eternity, and here’s where to kick it this weekend courtesy of BlairDC.