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We recently reported that Dan Snyder, the lovable owner of the Washington Redskins, purchased a new yacht. Now the City Paper would like folks to know that fueling yachts is far from cheap.

It Takes More Than 43,000 Beers to Fill Up the Fuel Tanks on Dan Snyder’s Boat?

The real shocker for me during my crunching exercise came when I figured out how much it costs just to fill up the gas tanks on the Lady Anne.

The fuel cells hold 55,000 gallons of diesel. Last week, a gallon of diesel was selling for $7.04 US per gallon at the Barcadere Marina in George Town, Cayman Islands, where the boat is flagged. That means just one fill-up would cost nearly $389,000

How many $9 Bud Lights will the Redskins have to sell to get that sum, did you ask?

Well, with what little juice is left in my calculator after the boat story, it looks like: 43,222 game-day beer sales per tank for the Lady Anne, give or take a binge.

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