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D.C.’s all-ladies arm-wrestling league does not mess around. [WaTimes]

Amid the sweaty palms, gritted teeth and clenched biceps of the Washington D.C. Lady Arm Wrestlers league, one rule ranks above all others: the one-butt-cheek rule.

A wrestler should keep her feet firmly planted on the floor and her elbow cannot leave the table, but it’s the space between the chair and one’s derriere that determines a fair fight.

Referee Philip Yunger reacts as “Scarlett O’Scara,” aka Ann Marie Wilson (left) of Silver Spring, and “Amy Smackhouse,” aka Andrea Kavanagh of the District, prepare to arm-wrestle during the D.C. Lady Arm Wrestlers league event. The arm-wrestling competitions raise money for charity. (Barbara L. Salisbury/The Washington Times)