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Break out the champagne Mr. Paulitz – the FamousDC Friday Round-Up is back, Come on Down to ‘South Park’, pants are optional in DC, Chris Frates launched Influence Alley, Brad Pitt and Jeff MacKinnon have lots in common, the National Cathedral crane fell down, please keep Ben Howard in your thoughts and prayers this weekend as his Penn State Nittany Lions learn firsthand about the SEC, Coach Saban does not tolerate trash talk via the Whip Floor Update, Sean Spicer is getting closer to 40, AOL email is a status symbol, CraftDC keeps hiring solid talent, the Howell family has a new dog, what’s playing in Jack Smith’s iPod?, catch David Drucker on Special Report tonight with Bret Baier, does Shane Harris know who runs the DC Fire EMS Twitter feed?, ever wondered how Pete Snyder would kick it with President Obama?, The Washingtonian uncovered DC myths, Charles Faulkner just hit a water buffalo, Kelley Walters is a year older today, David Wu made a guest appearance at the President’s job speech sans tiger costume, we’re still paying Kwame Brown’s Navigator, summer is over, SEC guy keeps getting better, and Tim Carney says goodbye to the Hawk & Dove.