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Minus the butt spark joke, this is a pretty solid back-and-forth between Gov. Pawlenty and Stephen Colbert from last night’s Colbert Report. [h/t Playbook]

PAWLENTY: “I was out of money, and I came in third place to Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul. I think that’s enough for any one person to endure.”

COLBERT: “But the fact that you’re out of money makes you relatable to so many Americans. ‘He’s like me,’ they say.”

LATER, PAWLENTY: “This is taking on, these races, more and more of a reality TV show component to it. You got to have not just money, but an entertainment component to it. And so, I brought a record of serious policy approaches to the campaign, and at least in that moment, the electorate was looking for something else.”

COLBERT: “Did you think about learning to juggle?”

PAWLENTY: “I thought about shooting sparks out my butt.”

LATER, COLBERT: “Let’s make some news. Is there someone you’d like to endorse in the 2012 race?”


COLBERT: “I’m not running. I’m not running. I’m more like Sarah Palin. I’m a television personality.”

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