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There are power outages in DC if a squirrel walks on the power line, so this news should surprise nobody.

Pepco is already warning customers that they could be without power for some time in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.

In a news release on Thursday, Pepco Region President Thomas H. Graham said customers needed to know in advance that the storm could result in “extended power outages.”

They did prepare early.

PEPCO says it began preparing for the storm on Monday. The company is keeping on call 340 utility contractors who already are working on the system and has secured 330 tree crews from Asplundh. They’ve also requested help from 600 additional personnel, and 150 from First Energy in Ohio have already arrived in the area. Pepco’s line crews will work extended hours, and the company will also have an increased number of customer service employees on duty.

For more on what to do in case of an outage, visit this site.

PS: Do us a favor, if it’s a Cat 3 or higher, cut them a little slack and go light a candle.