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Dan Snyder refuses to back down.

Dan Snyder Is Now Campaigning Against The Rights Of D.C. Residents To Govern Themselves
Dan Snyder’s lawyers yesterday filed a brief in D.C. Superior Court as part of Snyder’s dumbass legal jihad against the Washington City Paper. Snyder’s lawsuit looks for all the world like a “strategic lawsuit against public participation.” Even the ACLU thinks so. Such “SLAPP” suits are deployed by rich bullies to discourage free speech. But now comes Snyder to argue that the anti-SLAPP law passed by the D.C. Council mere weeks before he filed his dumbass lawsuit is unconstitutional. Why? Because the elected officials in D.C. have no power to pass laws that govern the D.C. court system that enforces the law for the D.C. residents who elected the officials, according to Snyder.

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