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After four years as a soul-rock collective of anywhere between nine and fifteen Washington cubicle-jockeys getting their inner funk on, the kids of WMD are calling it quits.  But first they’re a) releasing a full-length album, and b) headlining one last Friday night bill at the Hotel.

The band was formed in 2007 by policy journalists Josh Wein, Ian Martinez and Michael Dolan (the band name is actually just the sum of their initials and not a reference to big deadly bombs); it’s made up of bunch of DC types including congressional aides, White House staff and election lawyers, and has performed at an inaugural ball, headlined Black Cat’s main stage, and filled smaller venues on U St for years.

The RRH show is largely in support of WMD’s debut album WMD and the Badass Brass Band (due out this week), and is the band’s last because founding members Josh Wein (the “W”) and Ian Martinez (the “M”) head off to the greener pastures in San Francisco and Philadelphia, respectively.  While some members of the band are serious musicians and will continue to play on, this will be the last show with the band’s current lineup and moniker, according to Martinez, who insists he’s definitely a US Citizen.  The album, a months-long project featuring 11 original tunes written by DC bartender and law student Jonathan Quigley, Baltimore music student Max Kuzmyak and Martinez, will be the band’s legacy, Martinez said.

Opening act The Method, many of whom are old friends with WMD, are a local jam band who also do the “day-job/night-job” thing.  They’ve played a few big nights at RRH as well.

Tickets are available at Ticket Alternative or at the door.