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Michaele Salahi, DC’s favorite reality star, is way more talented than she had originally let on.  Besides being really good at showing up to events uninvited, Salahi also sings. Her first single, “Bump It,” dropped yesterday and features lyrics such as, “like I’m so hot and you’re like so not.”

It gets better.  According to Salahi, she titled the song ‘Bump It’ “because I love dancing and bumping it on the dance floor! I got so caught up with the rhythm, that my music just feels like a magical prism.”

94.7 Fresh FM DJ Tommy McFly, who’s been an open critic of Michaele, thinks the single is studio tricked and highly processed. However, in the spirit of fairness, McFly has an open invitation for her to perform “Bump It” live on his show.

No word as to whether Salahi will accept the invitation, but if she’s looking to generate buzz in the DC market, 94.7 Fresh FM would be a great place to start.

According to McFly, the odds that she’ll actually accept his challenge are zero, but “it’s gonna be a blast to try.”