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There are a few weather outlets predicting heavy snow fall this December.  And while this news excites nearly every DC resident, ABC7 is calling bullsh*t.

They recently wrote this smack-down:

In the ABC7 weather center, people don’t get pumped unless there’s some serious weather coming our way for sure. And people are not pumped. One dude is even hanging out at the weather desk in a Snuggie – that’s how little respect he has for this supposed “blockbuster storm.”

The lessons in weather continued:

Bob Ryan, who’s been practicing the meteorological art in D.C. for more than three decades, explains why the klaxons are not sounding in the weather center: It’s too early to care.

Moisture. Getting hot, turning cool. Trends like these we can predict longer-term with a decent hit rate, says Ryan. But saying a giant snowstorm could hit us right before Christmas is jumping the gun, big-time.

The best meteorologists can follow the movement of these storms about seven days in advance, says Ryan. Beyond that time, migrating pressure centers and wind rushing in from all corners of the earth cloud the weather diviner’s crystal ball.

Believe what you will, but we’ll soon see who’s right.