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Some of the acts will leave you in shock, but the show never disappoints.  — It’s the 17th Annual Funniest Celebrity in Washington Contest, Thursday, December 2 at 7:00pm at the DC Improv (1140 Connecticut Ave, NW).

Current participants include: Will Durst – headliner and top political satirist; Richard Sher- host, WMAR-TV’s, Square Off and contest emcee; Tucker Carlson – commentator, FOX News Channel and co-founder & editor-in-chief, The Daily Caller; Neil Patel – co-founder & publisher, The Daily Caller; Mike Riggs – staff writer, The Daily Caller and contributing writer, Washington City Paper; Jonathan Edwards – performer singer-songwriter; Carla Hall – chef and finalist, Bravo’s Top Chef; Mark Kessler – stadium voice of the Washington Redskins; Rep. Rick Larsen (D-WA); Rep. Tom Davis – former Representative from Virginia; Al Regnery – publisher, The American Spectator; Grover Norquist – president, Americans for Tax Reform; Chris Plante – on-air commentator, 630 WMAL; Kimberley Strassel – columnist, Wall Street Journal; Jason Mattera – editor, Human Events and Chef Geoff Tracy – chef and restaurant owner. Rich Edson – reporter, FOX Business Network will go head to head with Jamie McIntyre – columnist, Military.com; former CNN Senior Pentagon Correspondent, in a run-off for the title “Washington’s Funniest Journalist.”

The Funniest Celebrity Contest was founded by Richard Siegel in 1987, as a fundraiser for area and national non-profits. Each year, the contest brings together celebrities from the worlds of politics, media and sports to compete for the title of The Funniest Celebrity in Washington. The Funniest Celebrity Charitable Fund also holds similar contests in San Francisco and Baltimore. For more information visit, http://www.funniestcelebrity.org/.