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Howard Mortman has done a remarkable job making CSPAN clips go viral, but this kind of thing also helps.

Guy gets revenge on ex-girlfriend on CSPAN2

When the audience gathered for a Book TV discussion of Jonah Goldberg’s new book, “Proud to be Right,” they got more than your average CSPAN fare.

It turns out panelists Todd Seavey and Helen Rittelmeyer, both contributors to Goldberg’s collection of essays by the next generation of conservatives, had dated at some point before appearing on this panel together. Seavey clearly had some unresolved issues with the break-up and decided to take them out on Rittelmeyer during the event, which was being televised on CSPAN2. The result is the wonkiest, nerdiest Internet revenge ever. Here is Seavey’s bizarre soliloquy, punctuated by a surprised Rittelmeyer’s short responses. Seavey’s attack starts in earnest at about 1:45.

Mary Katherine Ham has all the juicy details, most of which are unbelievable.