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We are pretty pumped for the upcoming movie, “Wall Street 2, Money Never Sleeps”. Which is why this New York Times video of Shia LaBeouf discussing how he researched for the role of Jacob Moore caught our eye.

Apparently, Shia spent a lot of time in 2009 hanging around [Democrat] legends of the financial world, including Obama’s economic recovery honcho, Paul Volcker. Here’s a transcript:

“I spent time with … a lot of time with Nouriel Roubini…uh, George Soros…Volckner (sic) and…[Michael] Novogratz and the sages of finance, really.”

We’ll go ahead and give Shia a pass for adding what appears to be an “n” to Paul’s name. Rookie mistake. But come on, Paul, don’t you have more important things to do than teach the kid from Holes how to act like a Wall Street trader? It’s not like the critics are necessarily giving you two thumbs for your performance. [Rut Ro]

Perhaps Volcker thinks a strong acting performance by Shia will make more people want to see the movie, thereby stimulating the economy, and leading to a recovery? We aren’t economics majors, but we think a better idea would be to just team him up with Megan Fox again.  Blockbuster. Jobs are on the way!

P.S. Did we also hear this right? “I had a prop account at Schottenfeld, trading multi millions of dollars there.” Um, is that even legal, or, more importantly, wise? Check out what could be the next scene in Shia’s life.

P.P.S. At least Volcker wasn’t playing shirtless beer pong, right?