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A tipster sent over a link to “For Unofficial Use Only” and we can’t get enough.

Described as “a funny blog on Pentagon and military goofiness inside-the-beltway,” this blog tracks the inside game at the PGON.

Here’s their latest:

PGONism of the Week- BLUF

People love to BLUF in the Pentagon!  I can honestly say I never encountered this term until coming to work here in the PGON.  There is not a day (or two) that goes by that I don’t see this term in a powerpoint brief or email…peoples be loving to get their BLUF on let me reemphasize: people in the PGON love to use this term.

Of course this term means: Bottom Line Up Front.  It’s most often used at the start of 124 slide powerpoints or circuitous homeresque emails.   And in this aspect, it is hugely valuable!  It allows the reader to assess the nature of the email or brief and then completely zone out of the brief or place the email in the appropriate .pst folder frame their attention appropriately.

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