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Last call for Summer! Although we may be nearing the end of our summer vacation its never to early think about that “beach body”. Did you know that to get THE abs you are dying for, you have to eat the right foods? Tis true! Along with cardio, core, balance and ab workouts, you have to make sure the food you are putting in your body are “ab worthy”. When people ask me what I eat I respond “what goes in my body is how I’ll perform”. And let’s just get this off the table right now, I don’t take any banned substances.

Want to kill your abs? Go chow down on hot dogs, cupcakes (to all the lovely, quaint, preppy and pink cupcakes shops, forgive me), Frappucino’s, milk shakes (not to be confused with a homemade recovery shake, mind you) General Tso’s Chicken and french fries. Some of these foods are made with Crisco- its like licking a can of lard! Avoid these foods at all costs. You’ll thank me later 🙂

If you go food shopping this weekend, pick up some of these foods:

Steel Cut Oats, choose whole grains (brown rice, buckwheat, blue corn, rye, wild rice), fresh fruit (right now peaches, watermelon are in season). Get some fresh corn, squash, green beans at Farmers Market. And lean cuts of meat ( buy ground beef that 90%/10%, sirloin or top round roast). Turkey, chicken & wild game are also great lean meats to try. Pork is good too, but not bacon!

Eat your way to a beach body! And oh, hold plank pose for 60 seconds a few times every day. Its good for you.

Sarah Stanley is an endurance athlete who is currently trying to not get killed as she trains for Celebration Ride. A 300 mile ride via bike from DC to NYC on September 14. Support her on the ride by checking out the project here. For daily health tips follow @runrideinspire and @sarahstanley