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Never post commentary on a website called the Dirty Scottsdale using Brock Landers as your alias. [Boogie Nights]

[Ben Quayle] The son of former Vice President Dan Quayle and an Arizona Republican candidate for Congress admitted Tuesday night that he did, in fact, post comments on DirtyScottsdale.com, a website devoted to chronicling the trashy side of the Scottsdale nightclub scene.

Quayle’s response:

“This is four years ago,” Quayle replied. “This is hilarious this is being brought up. … This is a smear. This is a smear on me from a smear website being pushed by a smear campaign.”

Translation: His comments, which will likely surface any minute, are probably not family friendly.

UPDATE: Separated at Birth: Ben Quayle and Alton from Clueless