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We were a little spooked when we heard about the Department of Homeland security issuing a warning to Metro regarding a potential threat.  However, we felt a ton better when we read that some guy named “David Webb” was on the case for Metro.

“The information that we have has a low level of credibility,” said David Webb of the Metro Transit Police. “There is not a lot of information that suggests a time or place where this person is even capable of conducting such a crime.”  [low cred]

For those of you who aren’t as intelligent or savvy as us, David Webb is the birth name of a little amnesia-ridden-global-bad guy-ass kicker better known as Jason Bourne. It’s all over the interwebs:

So fear not public transit patrons. Metro has got the situation under control. Let’s just hope they don’t put him behind the wheel of one of the buses.