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I can’t believe August starts this weekend! Didn’t we just leave behind #snowpocalypse? It seems a distant memory as we have now entered the #heatpocalypse phase.  When’s its this hot out, eating anything other then ice cream is a challenge. Part of a exercising and working out is eating right. Here are some cool meal ideas without the tons of calories and fat!

#1) Shake It Baby! I am obsessed with shake’s. Maybe it’s throwing everything into the blender & pushing start and 11.3 seconds later I am done. Take a peach, throw in some 0% Greek Yogurt, ice cubes, dash of cinnamon, little milk, little OJ and you have protein and fruit to start (or end) your day. Cheers to the shake!

#2) Farmers Market. Summer time is one time when eating right is a little easier. By shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables you aren’t only helping area farmers, saving fuel and being eco friendly (because we ALL know how important that is) but fresh produce can inspire some yummy dishes. This week I made a delicious Heirloom Tomato and Beet Salad. Go ahead judge me, but I have a little secret that will make you forget about the beet part. Chop up some fresh mint, add a dash of olive oil and you have a wonderful salad. I dare you to try it. Yes, I said dare.

#3) Be A Champion! It’s true. If you eat your Wheaties you’ll be smarter & stronger. I highly recommend Steel Cut Oats. They lower on the glycemic index which means less chance of a sugar spike. Add some fresh fruit (did I mention how much I love peaches?) a little Almond milk and you will have a fabulous day! If you don’t blame it on the heat 😉

So guess what, this weekend the temperatures are going to be in the- don’t hold your breath- the 80’s, can we handle it? To celebrate the cool wave, go explore these fun places. You might see me on the trails. If you do, say hi!

Go explore Rock Creek Park. Did you know that RCP is one of America’s oldest national parks? And with over 2000 acres to explore, you can forget about the past week and focus on having fun. And of course sweating.

Get your jungle on! Head over to Rockville, MD and hit the trees with Go Ape! Swing from a tree, have a picnic, or just chill. Eating a banana is optional.

Sarah Stanley is a sarcastic ultra marathoner who enjoys running, yoga and dreaming of visiting Australia. Follow her on Twitter @sarahstanley or visit www.sarahstanleyinspired.com