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ESPN had a reporter tag along with The King to Vegas. He took notes, snapped a few photos, and then uploaded his story to ESPN — which then took it down about an hour later.

Deadspin took a screen grab and uploaded it (worth the read).

LeBron’s shenanigans didn’t sit well with one of our readers and he wrote his own list of Lebron James Las Vegas Douchebag Moments

1) Drinking green tea at a Vegas nightclub (extra DB points for adding honey).

2) Wearing sunglasses in the nightclub (note: unless he was doing drugs and his eyes were messed up and he was trying to hide it).

3) Allowing someone, much less your manager, to dance around like you’re Biggie and they’re Puff Daddy. Somehow I don’t see Scott Boris doing this.

4) Allowing a waiter who is dressed like f**king Indiana Jones to bring your champagne via a zip line.

5) Actually walking through the casino dribbling, passing, and shooting an imaginary basketball (huge DB rating here).

6) Engaging in a dance off. This is definite no-no.

7) Not heavily gambling at any point during the article

LeBron is quickly rising to be my most hated athlete.

There you go sports fans. A classic example of how media overexposure can quickly turn you into a D-bag and make Kobe Bryant look cool.