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This is one of the hottest Summers in a decade. Maybe Summer heard that we had one of the worst Winters in history and wanted to make headline news as well. We are in DC after all! Here are 3 tips to staying cool while you workout.

#1) Early Bird Stays Cool. If you run, walk or ride (that would be on a bike powered by your legs) roll out of bed & get in your workout early. You’ll stay cooler (and keep the birds company). You’ll be a better person for it too.

#2) Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. This means, drink water. Limit your Happy Hour visits.

#3) Get Your Tech On. Wear technical clothing, this means saying no to that cotton t-shirt & opting for moisture wicking gear. You want to stay cool while you sweat (if there is such a thing). There are tons of awesome “technical” clothing out there. Go buy some. That’s one way to get our economy back!

Instead of hitting happy hour, burn some stress & calories at the same time. Here are some places to get your sweat on.

Stroga in Adams Morgan offers a community class at 10:15am on Saturday morning. For 1.5 hours you can not only explore your inner Down Dog but also help a local charity. A donation is your entry fee. Because as you know, everything always comes back to charity. Remember where you live?

Feel like running? Join Georgetown Running Company on M Street by the Key Bridge on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm for a fun, no-person-left-behind run. Afterward you can join the gang for a beer (or a glass of water) at a local hangout.

Feeling adventurous? Go introduce your legs to the famous Exorcist Stairs on M Street. Bring water, a towel and determination. You will need it. Don’t forget to tell your loved ones where you went. Just in case.

Itching to run a race? In the dark? Head over to Arlington, VA for the Crystal City Twilighter 5k. Its a cool (okay hot) race. It starts at 8:00pm, (but get there early to ensure you don’t miss the pre-race action). Yep, a dark road race- its not called Twilighter for nothing! After you run, you might just want to opt for a cold shower. But normal showers are of course an option too. After you cooled off, enjoy the fabulous post party. Beer anyone?

Eiffel Tower anyone? Well here’s your chance. Head over to CycleLifeUSA on K Street in Georgetown Sunday at 12noon where you can watch the final sprint of the Tour de France into Paris (okay, you won’t be face to face with Lance, but the big screen will make you feel like it). This is your chance to take a break, enjoy free food & drink (who doesn’t like that?!) and embrace your inner cyclist. Come on, you know you want to!

Don’t sit at home this weekend (or the week ahead), get out & get active!

Sarah Stanley is a sarcastic ultra marathoner who enjoys running, yoga and dreaming of visiting Australia. Follow her on Twitter @sarahstanley or visit www.sarahstanleyinspired.com