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File this one under “Naughty Nurses”? Late last week a few “video trackers” got some personal treatment from a couple nurses union folks who were protesting gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman. And as their names would imply, they got the entire incident on video.

Yesterday, the folks at Red State ID’d the main union culprit who was slapping phones out of trackers’ hands.  Turns out he is Mike Griffing, the union’s Director of Collective Bargaining. It also turns out that he must he be really good at his job, cause he collectively bargained a $160k a year salary for himself. [InTheWrongBusiness.com]

We have a feeling those video trackers don’t make anywhere near that kind of money. So, while we would never advocate violence, perhaps we can offer these poor little trackers some self defense tips. And whenever we need self defense advice, we go to our girl Grace: