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You’ll need to read all of the article to understand why Diane Edwards is getting crazy Google alerts today.

The Speaker’s Lobby: The Bell System

Congress is a lot like high school. That’s true. Right down to the bells that signal class.

Like nearly every school, my high school had a bell system. An over modulated, tone would bleat through loudspeakers that hung in every room, springing us from class.

We had four minutes to walk from one classroom to another, use the restroom, or swap out books at our lockers. But multiply four minutes by seven periods and you suddenly have a lot of time on your hands.

Which is when I’d get my business done.

Sure, I’d hit my locker. But this was when I went to find people I needed to chat with. Maybe make plans for the weekend. Chat about the play we were rehearsing. Handicap our basketball team’s chances against Miamisburg. Check out the cheerleading squad.

Diane Edwards even sought me out between classes to accept my prom invitation.

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Between classes for Mr. Pergram = business time