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No California, there is no Santa Claus. Just ask your gubernatorial candidate and current attorney general Jerry Brown. Yesterday, on an extended interview with CNBC’s Jane Wells, Jerry dashed the hopes and dreams of however many children happened to be tuning in to the all business channel when he proudly informed the viewers of the following:

Well, a lump of coal to you, Mr. Brown! Santa not real? Pssssh. We got years worth of elf-made gifts like Playstations and I-pods that we asked him for to prove you wrong, not to mention the fact he actually showed up at this performance by the Pussycat Dolls a few years ago, which leads us to believe he’s real.

Plus, if he’s not real, then maybe you can explain whose lap we’ve been sitting on every year for the past couple of decades. Yeah, case closed, Mr. Attorney General.

So, here’s a tip Jerry from the folks at FamousDC.  If you want those reindeer to land on the roof of your frugal $1.8 million home this year, you better start giving Mr. Claus the respect he deserves…and act a little less like the Grinch and a little more like Buddy the Elf.