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We tried to stay on the sidelines, but we can’t.

FamousDC presents …

Separated at Birth: Elena Kagan & Debbie Downer

We would normally stop here, but we’ve had too much coffee this morning.

FamousDC presents …

The Top 10 List of Things Going Through Elena Kagan’s Head During Her Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing

10. Robert … Byrd … was THIRD in line for the presidency. Third! Unreal.

9. Ugh, Sessions, really? Again?

8. Did I remember to wear pants today?

7. Al Gore NEVER asked me to feel his abs.

6. Neither did Strasburg

5. Man, those World Cup refs suck

4. Clutch pearls once. Wave twice.

3. Why are there bike lanes in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue?

2.Will the fancy white collar make me look fat?

1. I really hope they don’t bring up the “Hang in There” cat email I sent to Hillary.

We kid because we care. Or something.

If you’re like Howard Mortman and can’t pull yourself away from C-SPAN during these hearings, Esquire has pulled together a fabulous drinking game just for you.

The Elena Kagan Drinking Game: C-SPAN Just Got Exciting