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Andrew Breitbart wants access to what he’s calling “a portal into the dark world of hardcore liberal bias in the media.”

The price for an E-Ticket? $100,000.

Mr. B. is offering plenty of scratch (and source protection) to any Journolist member willing to provide the listserv’s full archive and membership list.

While we think it’d be fun to read, we’d hate to think somebody would be willing to sell out their colleagues for a few bucks. Besides, after taxes, Andy’s $100,000 shrinks to less than $60,000…subtract the money you’d have to spend on protection from the 399 other Journolist members, and you don’t have much left. Oh, and remember, you might never get work again.

One more thing. We’re kind of offended…why isn’t he offering $100,000 to find out who the folks behind FamousDC are? Now THAT would be a portal into the dark world of hardcore…something.